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Detailed review of Wella Dry Shampoo. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this dry shampoo.

Wella Dry Shampoo ReviewProduct Name:  Wella Dry Shampoo

Overall Rating:  5 Star Review

Product Type:  Aerosol

Size:  4.05 oz

Price:  $19.00

Cost Per Ounce:  $4.69

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Top 10 Ingredients:  Alcohol Denat., Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Tapioca Starch, Water, Silica, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Fragrance

Overall Opinion:

Wella Dry Shampoo is an awesome dry shampoo that will absorb all the oil in your hair.

When I first applied Wella Dry Shampoo into my hair, it had a slight white pigment and was a fine super soft powder.

Once it was blended into my hair, the pigmentation and residue when away completely and the texture changed to a much stickier feeling.

It immediately absorbed all in the oil in my hair and also helped add volume and texture to the hair.

The smell of this dry shampoo is amazing; it smells like flowers and is nice and strong, but not too strong.

The smell will last all day in your hair and help conceal any weird or dirty smells your hair might have.

Not only will the smell last in your hair all day long but the product lasted in my hair all day long, keeping my hair fresh and clean and looking volumized and styled.

Overall, Wella Dry Shampoo is an all-around really great dry shampoo that will last all day long in your hair and keeps your style looking fresh all day long.

Detailed Opinion:

Look and Feel

The look of Wella Dry Shampoo when you first apply it is a slightly pigmented, white powder.

It feels very, very soft when it’s first applied into the hair, and as you rub it in, the texture completely transforms.

Once rubbed in the hair, the white pigmentation disappears and the powder becomes much tackier and almost doesn’t feel like a powder anymore at all.

Application/Ease of Use

The application of Wella Dry Shampoo is really easy. It has an aerosol applicator that applies the product very evenly and doesn’t come out too fast.

It’s also really easy to use once it’s in the hair; the powder basically melts in the hair immediately absorbing all the oils and adding texture.

Since the feeling and texture of the powder changes once it’s applied, the tackiness of the product lends to giving the hair a nice amount of volume and helps with styling.

Drying Time

Wella Dry Shampoo applies lightly damp and takes about 5 seconds to dry.

Smell (Initially)

I absolutely love the smell of Wella Dry Shampoo. It smells very strong and floral, but isn’t over-powering or too intense.

Smell (Over Time)

The smell of Wella Dry Shampoo stays in the hair all day long, but diminishes somewhat so it’s more of a soft scent throughout the day.

The Results

The results I achieved from Wella Dry Shampoo were really awesome.

The powder absorbed all the oil in my hair without having to waste too much product, and didn’t leave a trace of unwanted pigmentation or residue in my hair.

I was really impressed with the volume and texture it added to my hair as well and helped keep my hair looking styled.

How Long It Lasts

Wella Dry Shampoo lasted absolutely all day long.

At the very end of the day, my hair still looked perfectly clean and styled like I had just applied the product.

It also didn’t look flat at the end of the day; my hair still had body and texture.


Wella Dry Shampoo is $19.00 for 4.05 oz. That comes out to $4.69 per oz.

That is about an average price for a dry shampoo.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a money back guarantee for Wella Dry Shampoo.

Where To Buy

To buy Wella Dry Shampoo, Click Here.

Wella Dry Shampoo: Summary

Factor Wella Dry Shampoo
Overall Rating 5 Star Review
Look and Feel Aerosol formula that adds texture and volume
Application Easy to apply and absorbs all oils
Smell (Initially) Smells floral and strong
Smell (Over Time) Stays in the hair all day
The Results Awesome results
How Long It Lasts Lasts all day long in the hair
Price Costs $19.00 for 4.05 oz… $4.69 per oz
Guarantee? No money-back guarantee
Where To Buy Click Here

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