Hottest Seasonal Hair Care Trends

dry shampooDry shampoo has made a major comeback in the world of style and fashion. Women and men of all ages are discovering just how effective, versatile, and easy dry shampoo is for total hair care. Although dry shampoo has been around since about 1940, it’s relatively recent resurgence in the marketplace means many people are just now being introduced to the product.

Dry shampoo is about more than just convenience. There are all sorts of fantastic styles you can create with dry shampoo. In fact, dry shampoo is the basis for some of this season’s hottest trends.

Here’s a complete guide to styling your hair with dry shampoo:

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a way to clean your hair and scalp without using any water. There are two types of dry shampoo: powder and spray. While many people find that the spray provides better coverage, powder has less aerial pollutants with can be better for those with allergies.

Dry shampoo is very healthy for your hair. Traditional shampoo removes all the oils from both your hair and scalp. The problem is some of these oils, especially those found near the scalp, provide a natural boost to the health of your hair.

How to Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be used just about anywhere. Both men and women of all ages use dry shampoo. Many active people use dry shampoo on-the-go. You can easily keep your hair clean after the gym, during the workday, or whenever you might need to quickly remove dirt and grime.

Dry shampoo is also used by many people who are unable to use traditional shampoo, due to various mobility issues. Soap-free, and thus tear-free, dry shampoo is ideal for both the elderly and young children.

Many experts recommend using a traditional water-based shampoo roughly once for every three dry shampoos. This is only a guideline however. Your specific type of hair might be fine with more dry shampoo treatments. You might even be just fine using dry shampoo exclusively!

Three “Do’s” for Your Dry Shampoo Hairdo

1. DO use on roots and ends

This adds a matte texture to your hair; a look which is very in this season.

2. DO spray the shampoo about six inches from your hair

This is close enough to distribute the shampoo evenly and with a light touch. Any closer, you’ll end up with unwanted buildup. Any further away and you won’t get enough coverage. Six inches is the perfect distance.

3. DO wait two minutes before styling

Many dry shampoos look white when they’re first applied. Naturally, this freaks out many first-time users.

Don’t panic. The white appearance is perfectly normal. Simply let the product set for about two to three minutes. Then brush, comb, or blow-dry your hair thoroughly. This allows the shampoo to clean every follicle, removing hair oils while preserving the healthy, natural oils of the scalp.

Dry Shampoo for the Trendiest Look

Not only are dry shampoo styles THE hot look of the season, dry shampoo is also extremely easy to use. Simply apply, wait a few minutes, and then brush or comb out. Add a healthy, clean shine anytime!


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