The 7 Biggest Dry Shampoo Mistakes

Dry Shampoo MistakesTo be completely honest, when I first started using dry shampoo a few years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.

My friend was raving over this dry shampoo she just got, acting like it was a godsend or some undiscovered artifact that led her to hair utopia.

I finally gave in and bought it…

My eyes had opened!

I ended up toting it around like you would a Yorkie puppy named Princess.

However, I’m not one for reading instructions. (Yes, that could really come in handy when you’re attempting to put together anything IKEA related.)

It seemed straight forward enough — shake, spray, do a little hair gig, and you’re good to go!

Well, turns out there’s a few more things involved.

Don’t worry it’s not difficult, just a few beauty blunders you’ll be glad you read!

So listen up and put the dry shampoo down momentarily while we take a look at these common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Spraying on way too much product

It’s easy to get overly excited and end up spraying dry shampoo like you would a canister of whipped cream. (The more the better, right?)

Dry shampoo is your savior for overly greasy hair but too much can leave you dealing with a hot mess.

Too much product can leave your hair discolored, heavy, and dull – not fresher and fuller like it’s supposed to.

Start by using a little, wait a few minutes for it to start to work and then apply more as needed.

Mistake #2: You’re spraying way too close to your scalp

It seems more effective if you spray it closer to your roots, right?


To ward off that chalky white appearance you can sometimes get, make sure you spray the dry shampoo at least 6 – 10 inches away from your roots.

This will help evenly distribute the product.

Mistake #3: You’re spraying it on the wrong part of your hair

Don’t go crazy and spray dry shampoo over every inch of your head.

Only apply it to your roots and the top few inches of your head.

Spraying it all over your head, especially at the ends, can make your hair dull, stiff, and frizzy.

And chances are you probably don’t have greasy ends anyways.

Mistake #4: You’re using the wrong color for your hair

Using the wrong tinted dry shampoo is a huge mistake, pain, and big giveaway!

If you have blonde or light colored hair, a darker shade tint will really discolor your locks.

If you have brown or black hair and you use a light-tinted shade, you’ll end up looking like you fell into a chalk pile.

Luckily, there are different tint shades for the majority of hair colors!

Mistake #5: You’re not massaging in the product

Dry shampoo is a miracle worker, but you have to give it a little help or hand in this instance.

If you spray it on and don’t do anything, it’ll just reside on top of your head and not do its job.

Be sure to massage the product into your scalp and roots with your fingertips.

Mistake #6: You’re rubbing it in right after you spray it on

So we’ve established that you have to massage the product in, but don’t do it immediately.

This is something I had no idea about until much later on. Whoops. :)

Each product may vary, but wait at least a few minutes before massaging it in and brushing it.

Mistake #7: You’re applying it every day

Dry shampoo is a fantastic way to keep oil at bay and freshen your locks.

However, using it every single day can do more harm than good.

It can cause too much build up over time and actually clog your follicles.

Just don’t use it too many times between each wet hair wash.

Give your scalp some time to breathe and you’ll be good to go!

In Conclusion…

Be sure to keep these mistakes in mind the next time you’re using your secret weapon. (Dry shampoo, of course ;)

Dry shampoo will be your best friend if you use it right.

Every day will be a good hair day!

For ideas on which dry shampoos to use, check out our rankings and reviews of the best dry shampoos!


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