About Us

Kayla EvansMy name is Kayla Evans and I’m the founder and chief “product tester” of DryShampoos.com :)

I started this site for a simple reason…

First, I absolutely love hair and everything to do with it!  I like trying different styles, using different products, coloring it, using extensions, you name it, I like to try it out.

Second, I noticed there wasn’t a ton of great information out there on dry shampoos.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some decent generic content out there, but not much that tells you if a product is good or not and worth buying.

Since I’m OBSESSED with hair, I thought I could have fun and at the same time help people decide which dry shampoo would work best for their particular hair type/style (and what look they’re trying to achieve).

So take a look around the site, I think you’ll find some really useful information on dry shampoos.

And with any luck, you’ll find one that works just right for you and makes your hair look and feel fabulous!


Kayla Evans