8 Dry Shampoo Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner

Woman Brushing Her HairSo, you’ve discovered the wonder of dry shampoos!

Welcome to this glorious, glamorous, oil-free club. :)

Is that freshly washed and styled hair?

Or is that your third day straight of no shower and multiple well-worn hairstyles?

We may never know if you have dry shampoo in your beauty arsenal.

But it’s time to share the love, people!

I think everyone should have rocking hair.

So in that case, it’s time you learn these tips to really kick your dry shampoo beauty routine up a few notches.

Let’s take a look!

1. You used way too much product

What do you do when you went a little crazy on the dry shampoo?

Fear not!

A blow dryer is your best friend in this situation.

Simply dry your hair briefly and you’ll correct the problem.

ALSO, stop touching your hair! (Seriously.)

Once you’ve done your initial massaging of the product into your scalp, no more touching.

Your fingertips are laden with oil and grease.

2. Use the right brush

When using dry shampoo, a bristle brush is the best way to go.

It really helps work in the product.

3. Spray the right areas

Don’t use your dry shampoo like a mystic tan.

It doesn’t need to coat everything. :)

Focus on your roots.

First, part your hair to one side and spray the dry shampoo.

Next, part your hair on the opposite side and spray that area.

Then, spray your back roots.

Last, spray your crown and front pieces.

4. Let it soak in

We like things instant, but dry shampoo needs a few minutes to do its job.

Wait 5-10 minutes before touching your hair at all.

During that time, it’s literally soaking up the oils.

5. Prevent sticky bangs 

For those of you sporting bangs, dry shampoo is a great addition (especially during summer months).

A sweaty forehead is a quick way to ruin perfectly styled bangs.

To prevent this, spray the underside of your bangs.

This will keep them from getting greasy and limply sticking to your face.

6. Overnight style

If you’re looking for some effortless style and texture, try spritzing your hair with dry shampoo before hitting the hay.

This gives the dry shampoo even more time to soak up the oil and grease in your hair.

Even try adding in a loose braid before bed to get maximum texture and volume. 

7. Extra hold

Speaking of braids (or buns or twists), dry shampoo may help with those too!

If you have fine hair or your styles always seem to fall, try spraying dry shampoo onto your hair before styling.

This will help lock in your hair and prevent strands from slipping away.

8. Bobby pin buddy

Just as dry shampoo can help keep braids in place, it can do the same for bobby pins or other hair accessories such as headbands.

Simply spray the bobby pin or accessory with a quick spritz of dry shampoo before putting them in your hair.

This will help give them extra grip and lock in place.

In Conclusion… 

Use these 8 great tips the next time your styling with dry shampoo.

They’re sure to kick your style up a few notches.

Stay tuned for more dry shampoo tips and tricks!


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About the Author: My name is Kayla Evans and I'm the founder and editor of DryShampoos.com. I've been OBSESSED with hair for about as long as I can remember. So for me, trying out dry shampoos and hair products all the time is the greatest job in the world :)