Discover Which Dry Shampoo Is Best For You And Your Hair!

Kayla EvansIf you’ve ever wondered how dry shampoo can make your hair healthier, easier to manage and more beautiful than ever, then you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s face it, everyone wants great-looking hair but not everyone has the time to wash and shampoo it every day.

And by now most people know that washing your hair too often can actually damage it– leaving your hair dull, listless and flat. Definitely not good!

As a result, many of us turn to hair products like dry shampoos, serums and creams as an alternative to washing our hair every day.

These products also have major benefits when it comes to styling and restoring hair’s luster.

So now that we know dry shampoo is THE answer to easy, gorgeous hair, we still have one big problem…

Out of the hundreds of dry shampoos available, which one is right for you and your hair?

Well, that’s where we come in!

Our community of hair care experts continually rank, review and update all of today’s most popular dry shampoo products.

We start by buying every dry shampoo aerosol, spray, powder, serum and cream we can get our hands on.  Basically if it cleans or helps style your hair without water, we review it!

After we buy them, we then personally test each one on our hair.

Finally, we write up a review and film a video on each dry shampoo so you can decide if it’s one you should try or not.

And once you’ve found the perfect dry shampoo, we have tons of helpful articles and videos showing you the best ways to use it to keep your hair healthy and amazing!

So keep reading if you want to learn more about dry shampoos, or go straight to our updated list of the best dry shampoos.

What Exactly Is A Dry Shampoo Anyway?

Before I get into why so many people are skipping their morning shampoo and going straight for a bottle of dry shampoo, let’s clear up exactly what these things are.

Dry shampoos really popped up in the 1960s and originally became very popular in the 1970s.

Always known as a stylist’s “best friend”, dry shampoo is a powder or an evaporating liquid that you can spray or tease into your hair.

Once in your hair, a good dry shampoo will remove excess sebum, grease and other oils and “freshen-up” the scent of your hair.

Dry shampoos typically deliver their hair-restoring ingredients in the form of an aerosol spray or by shaking powder directly onto the hair and scalp.

Keep in mind that aerosols and powder dry shampoos work in exactly the same way– the delivery system is just a little different.

Why Are So Many Celebrities, Stylists and Everyday People Using Dry Shampoos These Days?

Dry ShampooThe benefits are many, but first and foremost using a dry shampoo a few times a week can minimize hair damage that occurs from over-washing.

Shampooing or washing hair the traditional way causes the hairs’ natural protective oils to be stripped away.

That can lead to dry, brittle hair that’s hard to style and doesn’t have the sheen and luster that healthy hair does.

So substituting in dry shampoo a few times a week in place of your regular shampooing will give your hair a clean, freshly-washed appearance.

Dry shampooing can also:

  • keep your hair color vibrant and reduces the stripping of color versus a traditional shampoo
  • extend your blow out
  • save you time you would normally spend washing and drying your hair
  • make your hair more manageable and easier to style
  • add volume and texture to your hair
  • freshen the scent of your hair after a workout or night in a smoky bar or club

How Often Should I Use A Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoos are great in many situations but it shouldn’t be your only source of hair washing.

Continued overuse of dry shampoos without a traditional “wet wash” can end up damaging your hair in the long run causing it to dry out leaving it brittle and fragile.

Everyone’s hair, lifestyle and routines are completely unique to each individual person.

So pay attention to your hair and how it’s behaving.

Find a routine and products that fit your day-to-day needs but if you notice your hair becoming brittle or drying out, look to spread out the use of your dry shampoo.

Most experts recommend that a dry shampoo can be used up to 3 days before washing.

So yes, dry shampoo is amazing and can reduce the number of times you’ll need to do traditional shampooing, but you’ll still need to “wet wash and shampoo” your hair once in awhile.

Well-known dermatologist Wilma Bergfeld said it best,

“You have to wash or shampoo the scalp once in awhile to have healthy hair and scalp skin.”

What’s The Best Way To Use/Apply Dry Shampoo?

So now that we know how often to dry shampoo, let’s take a minute to go over how to actually use this stuff…

First, make sure that you’re applying the dry shampoo to dry hair– that’s rule #1.

Every once in a while we hear about someone applying it to wet hair, which will leave you with a mess!

Second, it’s best to keep the bottle at least 6 inches away from the scalp when spraying the scalp.

This will help achieve an even spray throughout a general area.

Third, make sure you don’t apply dry shampoo to only the top layer of your hair!

Lift up the different layers of your hair and be sure to spray underneath.

Take your fingers or a brush and gently massage or “blend” the powder into your hair.

Let the powder set for a little bit (2 minutes) to let the shampoo soak up the excess oils.

Next up, texturize and style to your liking, then get out there and conquer the day!

For a more in-depth tutorial, be sure to check out our detailed post, “How To Use Dry Shampoo“.

So What Are The Best Dry Shampoos Out There?

This is the reason you probably came to in the first place!

After trying out nearly every dry shampoo out there, we’ve put together a ranking of the best dry shampoos you can buy right now.

Kayla EvansThe way we develop this list is simple…

First, we go out and literally buy every dry shampoo we can find.

Whether it’s a powder, aerosol, spray, paste or whatever else is out there, we buy it and test it.

Keep in mind we try to have testers with different hair types, styles and colors try them out.

We judge them based on how they feel, how easy they are to use and of course, how well they work.

We also test how they smell, how long they last, and which hair types they’re best for.

Finally, we look at the price, amount, and any guarantees.

Once we’ve done all that, we then assign each dry shampoo an overall rating and compare it against all the other dry shampoos we’ve tried.

And that’s how we come up with our constantly updated list of the best dry shampoos currently available.

One other thing before we go to the next section… if you have a dry shampoo you’d like us to try, just shoot us an email or contact us on social media.

We don’t accept free product from manufacturers, but we’ll go out and buy whatever one’s you’d like us to try!

Can I Use Dry Shampoo If I Have Dark Hair?

Absolutely, yes!

Most quality dry shampoos shouldn’t be leaving your dark hair looking like a mess.

But if you do have dark hair, and you decide on a powder dry shampoo, make sure it uses a clear silica powder as its main base or a tinted powder that closely resembles your current hair color.

If you use an aerosol dry shampoo, remember these key tips to minimize or eliminate the appearance of powder…

Keep the bottle at least 6 inches away from head while spraying it and run a boar-bristle brush through your hair to make sure all the dry shampoo has been worked in and out of your hair.

Can Dry Shampoo Ever Be Bad For My Hair?

This question comes up often and people want to know if the dry shampoo they’re using is bad for their hair?

We take a look into some of these and tell you if they’re true, or just a myth.

“I’ve heard dry shampoo can cause hair loss!”

Myth:  This one is ridiculous. According to hair loss expert Dr. David Kingsley, “Dry Shampoo will not cause hair loss from the scalp, though it can sometimes lead to breakage due to tangling, etc.  As you say, by not shampooing, the normal shedding amount accumulates and so when the hair is washed properly, there appears to be a greater loss.  Think of the hair that gets left in the shower on a daily basis.  If you’re extending the time between your washes the buildup of that hair will occur.  When you wash your hair again with a wet shampoo you may experience what is perceived to be greater fallout but is typically just the excess build up.

“Over-using dry shampoo can cause dandruff”

True:  Dry shampoo is NOT meant to completely replace your wet-shampoo product and a wet washing with a regular shampoo is still recommended on occasion.  Traditional shampoo rinses and cleans the scalp and without it, buildup on the scalp can eventually occur.  So bottom line, be sure to wash your hair with traditional shampoo once in a awhile!

“Isn’t spraying ingredients like butane, isobutane and propane into my hair bad for it?”

Myth:  These colorless, odor-less gasses are used as propellants and vaporize very quickly when used or when they come into contact with the skin.  In 2002, the Cosmetics Ingredients Review Board found that when these items are used in shampoo they are completely safe.

Hopefully that helps clear up some of the misconceptions you hear on the internet.

When it’s all said and done, dry shampoos are very safe and, when used correctly, can actually improve the health and shine of your hair!

How Do I Keep Up-To-Date On The Best Dry Shampoos And Techniques To Use Them?

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